Oversized Boat Escort from Cairns to Sydney

A Three Day Oversized Boat delivery from Cairns to Sydney

Oversized Boat Pilot Escort, from Cairns to Sydney, April 2016

This oversized pilot boat escort took us from Cairns to Sydney.

3 days in total, including a tasty breaky in Bellata. Safely Shift Pilot Escort not only service North Queensland - we also transport to Sydney, NSW and even Western Australia. With over 8 years experience, these jobs are no problem for us to handle  - let us transport your oversize boats, houses, equipment and more – you will not be disappointed!

Call us on 0407 378 606 for any enquiries.

Boat escort to Sydney. Cairns oversized transport, April 2016

weigh station, oversized boat pilot escort, April 2016